Michael Holley's SWTPC 6800/6809 documentation collection

A great trove of materials relating to microprocessor history has reappeared, at a new location. It’s branded as SWTPC and 6800, but there are 6809 and 6502 materials here, and many press and magazine clippings:

See particularly Michael’s
Motorola M6800 Microprocessor History
which includes some 6502 related articles. In particular, these two:

Electronics July 24, 1975 Vol. 48 No. 15 Published July 18, 1975
“Microprocessor line offers 4, 8,16 bits” Page 118. The article covers the 6501 and 6502 plus the 28 pin versions that would only address 4K of memory. It also covered future devices such as “a design that Peddle calls a pseudo 16.”

EDN October 27, 1988 Vol.33 No. 22A Annual microprocessor supplement.
Donohue, James F. “The microprocessor first two decades: the way it was” Pages 18-32. “He hired me,” Peddle says of Bennett, “to do the architectural support work for the product he’d already started.” If Peddle has a hero, it’s Bennett. “He shepherded that product [the 6800] through Motorola,” Peddle says. “Motorola tried to kill it several times. Without Bennett, the 6800 would not have happened, and a lot of the industry would not have happened, either.”

There’s a section on BYTE magazine too.