May be of interest to UK DEC collectors

Posted yesterday on forum:-

I have access to some DEC equipment that needs to go to a deserving home (i.e. yours).
Cost - a donation to charity.
UK only and I am not delivering…
There may be some other stuff available at the time of collection for you to pick through. I have removed from the list stuff that I am interested in. But there will be too much for my hobby room - so some of it will have to go as well.
Note that disk drives will be removed from equipment. If you fancy trying to get it going - and we can wipe this disk drives - you can have them as well.
4 VaxStation 4000/60
3 Digital Storage Expansion SZ12
2 DEC Repeater 200
1 Digital DSRVW-YC DECServer 700
1 VaxStation 4000/90
1 MicroVax II
1 Microvax 3100-80
1 Microvax 3300
1 Digital DELNI-BB
2 H4005?
1 Multimodem II
1 Digital TK70 Tape
Don’t ask me any questions - the list contains all I know about it!
At the moment I need a YES/NO by Monday morning (10:00 AM) on the 19th September 2020…
Anything on the YES list I will try and hold back. Anything on the NO list - well, you know where it is going…

DEC equipment - UK only

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