MacintoshPi - full-screen Mac OS 7/8/9 for Raspberry Pi

MacintoshPi is a small project that allows running full-screen versions of Apple’s Mac OS 7, Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9 with sound, active Internet connection and modem emulation under Raspberry Pi. All this without the manager, only a multimedia SDL2 library and from the CLI / Raspberry Pi OS Lite. This lets emulators use full power of Raspberry Pi, making them more stable and useful in combination with additional retro-software.

Installation requires running a single script “” on a clean Raspberry Pi OS Lite and waiting about two hours for the packages to compile and install.

In addition, thanks to a document contained in the project, it is possible in dual-boot to place the fastest (bare-metal) Commodore 64/128/PET emulator BMC64, thus building an interesting retro package on a single SD card. The entire MacintoshPi project runs on Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, 2, 3, 3B, 3B+ (at present, it does not run on version 4).

For more information please visit MacintoshPi GitHub project page:


Welcome! Very nice project. A fast boot to a full-screen emulation appeals to me very much.

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I’m not versed in MacOS, but having a dedicated bit of emulation that can be cheaply implemented via Pi?

I’m all for it, there’s plenty good this can do.

Thank you for this project and letting us know it exists.

Thanks. I just don’t know how to popularize it, because I dream of seeing clones of this project from other users on YouTube :slight_smile:

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BTW, now (2022-07-08) on Hacker News front page! :clap:


and after that on many other well-known sites, also no longer need to popularize it :slight_smile:
However, it was on your site that I first wrote information about the project in English.