Macintosh Application Environment (virtual Mac in X on Unix)

I didn’t expect to see a Mac interface in a CDE(?) wrapper…

Macintosh Application Environment is a software application that provides a virtual Macintosh environment in an X window to users of HP workstations running HP-UX or later SPARCstations running Solaris.

Through 68LC040 emulation and native extensions, MAE lets users run off-the-shelf Mac OS-compatible, 680x0-based business productivity applications. MAE provides interoperability with other Mac OS-based systems in the enterprise, with the ability to easily manipulate UNIX files and execute UNIX applications from within a Macintosh environment. Users can also copy and paste text and graphics between UNIX and Mac OS-compatible applications

via Ballagyr


I am curious how fast the emulation was. I don’t think that Suns SPACR CPUs were too fast…

Probably pretty good (“performance was OK on Ultra 2”), bearing in mind the CPU being emulated wasn’t especially fast. See the white paper for a glimpse of the technology:

Some code blocks are translated to native code automatically by dynamic compilation. Other code blocks take advantage of manually entered native code patches.

Edit: more MAE screenshots here.


Now try running A/UX on the thing :slight_smile:

For some time, I had it the other way round, running Solaris 8 (x86) with CDE on a Power Mac via Virtual PC 6 (still the Connectix one, before MS bought it). It did work, at least for testing some custom scripts.