Looking for "Lost" 8-bit BASIC Programs

I am interested in finding any significant BASIC programs from the early era of 8-bit that people might know of that don’t have any easily available “runnable” versions available online yet. That is say, programs that are not preserved in program archives for major emulated 8-bit systems, such as programs that exist only as book or magazine scans. Or programs for obscure computer systems that as yet lack good emulation or online file archives. Also, programs that are available, but have errors in them preventing proper operation. Hoping to add these to my efforts to preserve obscure but important early BASIC programs. See:


Welcome, James, that’s a nice page there - I’ve just noticed the various links and references at the bottom.

I was sadly unable to see LIFE as a choice in the linked TRS-80 MC-10 emulator - I hope you can bring it back!

Although they are not historical, there is a collection of suitably short type-in Basic programs in this Stardot thread:

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Life should be there now. But you will need to type EXEC to get it to run, as it is M/L.

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Here’s the link:

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Nice! Any way to get the source of the games, though?
And not have the horrid vignetting of the screen on the emulator?

In the TPUG archive, there are all of the Ontario Ministry of Ed games too

… and a type-in archive without the BBC BASIC “Asterisk Tracker” one-liner game


needs to rectify that, stat. Play it here: Asterisk Tracker - keys are Return to go up, space for new game. CW: BBC Micro boot beep on startup.

Nice! I like the progress bar…

Updated web pages for my MC-10 stuff: