Looking for info on WebTV

Anyone either remember this or have personal experience? I ask because my family had one of the first gen boxes that came out in 96. I remember my brother paying the bill on it and it being my introduction to irc, streaming music (and as a result, iron maiden,) aggravation with single phone line households, the fact it came with an email address for my sub account? It let me do research at home, jot down a few notes and links, and email it to my email account i could access at school. I wished it ad even basic word processing and a disk drive so i could at east get basci text files at home.

Now kinda wanting to look see what exists past the wiki, past memories and stats on when wat modes ran, if there was a hacking scene, or anything interesting past shoving a raspberry pi in an old case (Though now i want to do that with a pi4 and an ssd and try making a retro looking kodi box.

I want to now if anyone has pushed the original hardware

Edit: naturally there is an oddity archive episode. Ben is more than a touch dismissive and condescending, but i get the feeling he was in a better situation than those that had webtv in that for some people? This wasn’t great but it was the least worst option.