Living Retro Every Day

Hey there!
I love retro aesthetic and long to integrate it into my life. However, using an Apple//e for my full time job and a brick phone instead of a smart phone can be…Cumbersome.

Here are some tweaks I’ve made to help me get my retro fix:

Android Smart Phone:

I loved the Windows phone interface. I found it to be very clean and straight forward.
When the Windows phone died, I was beyond thrilled to find Launcher 10.
After installing that, i used the Pip-Boy 3000 Live Wallpaper.
Then i swapped some icons with 1-BIT Icon Theme.

Launcher 10 makes it pretty gloriously straight forward and highly customizable, but feel free to message me directly if you need help customizing.
Launcher 10 allows you to colorize your icons - so dont fret when you see white icons using the 1-BIT Icon Theme. The hex code i used is #00D354

Atom Text Editor:

If you’re not already familiar with Atom, its a free and open-source text and source code editor with support for plug-ins written in Javascript, and embedded Git Control, developed by GitHub. For my neanderthalic purposes, I just wanted a simple, retro notepad with tabs.
To get the look you see here, install This and This.

  • Start Atom.
  • Change your UI theme to “hacking-the-kernel-ui”.
  • Change your Style theme to “hacking-the-kernel-ui”
  • Close Atom.

Then, download the Pixel Emulator font.
After that, I made quite a few tweaks on the fly and cant quite remember what I did. So, just download my .atom folder and replace yours with mine (found in your user profile root)
My .atom Folder

Again, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Windows Theme:

This theme is either awesome or very annoying - that’s for you to decide.
Green-Screen Theme

Feel free to share your ideas for further retro adaptation!

It would be fun to have a Palm Pilot theme for my phone. Maybe a later Palm Pilot. One of the color ones.

I recently came across this nice howto by James Fossey for using a Psion 3 as an ebook reader…

Speaking of Palm Pilots and Psions and e-readers … that’s one of the main things I used my palm pilot for back in the day! In that time frame, Project Gutenberg was one of my only resources, because the source material had to be in plain text (or something like HTML, that I could reasonably render to plain text), and formats like epub didn’t exist yet. I do remember finding a few modern books that I could read (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was one, and Neal Stephenson’s web-published In the Beginning Was the Command Line), but I read a lot of Twain and Chaucer in those days, for that reason. :slight_smile:

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