Limrose compukit 1 de luxe version

Hi guys.
I have a retro Limrose compukit 1 and not sure about the value of it as trying to sell some of my dadscollection.
Any help appreciated.
Thank you


Looks very nice! I’m not sure if you can do much better than put it up on an auction site, making sure you have good description and photos. Valuations depend very much on the buyer, and whether you can get two buyers competing. This kind of rare item probably won’t come up often enough to have an established price. You could also reach out on other forums: maybe vcfed, maybe classiccmp.

Edit to add: we’ve had a mention of this machine before…
Limrose Compukit 1

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Thank you for your help. lists the Limrose Compukit 1 Deluxe Model as being “exceedingly rare”, and that the only other one they have seen is in the National Museum Of Computing.

From the Time Line Archive site:-

The Compukit 1, built by Limrose Electronics of Cheshire, UK, was designed as simple Logic Trainer for use by schools and education centers to teach people how basic logic gates operated. This logic trainer was considered to be ideal for younger people, being completely safe and “student proof”. The kit sold for £20.70 in 1970, which is £330 ($440) in 2019.

The Limrose group is still selling Logic Tutors, but not the Compukit 1 any more.

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Interesting note from a nearby page on EarlyComputers:

If you wanted to buy several of these kits, you could connect them together. At the ITEX70 conference in Manchester in 1970, Limrose Electronics exhibited ten connected kits that could play “Noughts & Crosses” (that’s Tic-Tac-Toe for those of us living in the colonies) against a human opponent.

The Compukit 1 was created by Dr. Ravi Raizada who founded Limrose Electronics (now Limrose Group). The flyer points out that the Instruction Book was written by “a Fellow of the British Computer Society”. Since Dr. Raizada is a Fellow of the British Computer Society we are assuming that he wrote the Instruction Manual.

See also this page ( giving more details.

Thank you once again for your replies.
I will put it online for sale and hopefully it could attract buyers.
Thank you all.

Hoping it finds a good home and you get something out of it, but please before shipping it off, please digitize any easily digitizable material (scan manuals, take photos), e.g. and upload them to e.g. Internet archive. If you don’t feel like doing the uploading part, I am certain there are people in this august forum that are more than happy to help.

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