LGR Unboxing IBM PC AT + Model M! & Setup


And the followup upgrading video.

Not a new video, but seems appropriate to the crowd here.

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This site has the specs and price of the AT ($6000, 286 at 6MHz or 8MHz, 256k typical RAM, 20MB+ of HDD.)

Here’s the 1984 announcement text, from this site:

The IBM Personal Computer AT is designed for professional applications, office environments, and increased personal productivity. It includes many advanced technology features previously not available in IBM Personal Computers: increased performance, advanced microprocessor, high capacity diskette drives, high capacity fixed disk drives, large memory capacity, and advanced co-processor. The 5170 provides compatibility with existing hardware and software products for the IBM Personal Computer family.


  • Performs more than two times faster than current members of the IBM Personal Computer family
  • Based on high-performance Intel 80286 microprocessor, compatible with the IBM Personal Computer family
  • Includes 1.2Mb high-capacity diskette drives
  • Allows 20Mb fixed disk drives
  • Contains a standard combination fixed disk and diskette adapter
  • Provides 512Kb memory capacity on the system board
  • Offers a combination Serial (Asynchronous)/Parallel (Printer) Adapter
  • Allows workstation growth with eight I/O expansion slots
  • Includes an improved keyboard
  • Includes a clock/calendar with battery backup
  • Provides improved security capability with a standard keylock
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