LEO: How a cake company pioneered the first office computer

A BBC Witness History video on Mary Coombs, who “worked on the first LEO computer and was the first woman to become a commercial computer programmer.”

The video gives a brief look at the LEO in action as well as her life while working on the computer.



There’s an excellent book, A Computer Called Leo, by Georgina Ferry:

And I see there’s a preservation society, credited in the video:

The LEO Computers Society (which has charitable status) started life as a reunion society for people who worked on these remarkable machines. Its principal mission now is to ensure that LEO’s heritage is preserved, protected and - importantly - promoted to wider audiences.

Edit: and a mini-site at the CCH is also associated with the society:
Welcome to LEO, the first business computer


When computing was a piece of cake, literally… :slight_smile:

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