Latest Restoration Tandy 1000SX

This unit is a gathering of parts from all over the place, the main unit was a barn find auction type unit with mouse infestation… after the restoration of the computer, monitor and other components I present to you:

Tandy 1000 model SX, comes EGA and Tandy Printer ports
Upgraded 8088 with v20, and 8087 Co-Processor.
Added ISA Dual Serial/RS232C Ports and Centronic Parallel Port.
Changed 360K Drive A: for a Gotek on 3D Printed carrier mounted with a large 1602 LCD display.
Changed 360K Drive B: for an ISA WD1001 MFM card with a D220 18MB Hard drive.
Tandy 1000 Keyboard.
Tandy CM-11 EGA Colour Monitor
Tandy (2x) Gaming Joysticks
Tandy 2 Button Mouse

The last piece of hardware coming is a self-made custom-designed ISA slot PC to 1000ex card, taking power from standard Molex and floppy disk drive cable signals, providing both to an external edge connector that a standard Tandy 5.25" external drive enclosure (26-1060B) can connect and be used as a drive B: (seen in the picture).