Ken visits the Large Scale Systems Museum

Ken Shirriff visits the two floors of the museum: first the big machines downstairs, explored in depth, and then a quick tour of the microcomputers upstairs. As usual, great photos and commentary:

IBM System/370 9375
IBM System/32 (mini, aka mid-range)
IBM 3380E disk system (5GB)
Cray J 90
Cray SV1
DEC’s “Straight 8” PDP-8
PDP-8/E minicomputer with paper tape drives and disk pack
VAX 11/780 supermini
Data General Eclipse S/280 mini
HP 2645A terminal
Friden Flexowriter
Burroughs B80 office minicomputer
Heathkit H1 analog computer

Imsai, ASR-33 teletype, Kenbek-1 replica, and Altair
Intel Intellec 4/40 development system
Altair 8800, Altair 680, Altair 8800b
Commodore Super PET, Educator 64, PET 4032, and PET 2001
IBM 5100 portable
CALCULO Analog Computer, MINIVAC 6010, Radio Shack ScienceFair Digital Computer, and Digi-Comp 1.
Three Heathkit HERO robots