Ken Thompson's Space Travel running on PDP-7 emulator

The infamous game that begat Unix has now been made to run on a PDP-7 emulator with support for the Graphic-2 display system.


An interesting teaser! I had a search, and didn’t find this particular work but I did find a previous issue thread of yours with several interesting links:

I’m guessing that GRAPHIC-1, GRAPHIC-2, and Type 340 are related in some way?

And this 1968 classic (The Incredible Machine) was mentioned too:

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It’s being merged to the repository as we speak.

The Type 340 was DEC’s older display system, popular with the PDP-6. (Also related to the even older Type 30 for the PDP-1.) The GRAPHIC-1 is visible in the video you posted;if you have sharp eyes you can see it’s attached to a PDP-5. The GRAPHIC-2 was the followup, normally used with PDP-7 or 9 computers. I think they were both designed mainly by William Ninke at Bell Labs.