Keep calm, and carry on retro computing

It’s great to see that the system has started giving out Anniversary badges - I know I mentioned the forum’s birthday a little while ago, but now we’ve had the anniversary of the first real activity.

With external events causing some disruption and anxiety, I just wanted to make a call for calm. This place, where we share our joy in retrocomputing, can be, and should be, an escape from stress. So, please, no discussions on external events - enough things happened 20 years ago and more that we don’t need to mention the present, here. There are many other places to do that.

And on the same lines, if some of us are stuck indoors, feeling embattled, feeling frustrated, we might be ill-tempered or abrupt with each other. There’s an easy response, which is no response. Don’t rise to argue. For the next few weeks, at least, threads which turn a discussion into an argument are likely to be suspended for short periods of time, to allow reflection and to prevent fires spreading. Normal service will be resumed in due course.

To keep it fun, here’s a homebrew CPU running a prime sieve:

Please continue to spread the joy.