"Just back from VCF MidWest" - photo album

Oh, so many machines. COSMAC! QL! System/23! Vectrex! P50! H8! (And the usual suspects too, although I don’t see a PET)



Saw a Kaypro 2 on a table. I still have mine in the basement. A BeBox, those were fun, and a Heathkit H8 with the proper Heathkit terminal for it. I forget the model number of the Terminal. I remember going to the Heathkit store in the late 70s playing with that very setup.

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There were at least two PET 2001s, and at least one other model with more modern, not calculator-styled keys. I just somehow managed to completely miss getting pictures of them.

I know this because I sold an NPK-101 keyboard at the show, which is a somewhat obscure, 3rd party, full-sized keyboard for the 2001. I approached the 2001 owners to see if they’d be interested in it. Another guy at a booth across from one of them wound up buying it from me. He did not have a PET 2001 at the show, but had one at home.

There’s an ad for the NPK-101 in the lower-right corner of this page from the March 1979 issue of Byte magazine.

Here are a couple of pictures of the one I sold…

I found it in a local electronics surplus store’s junk shelf. They had no idea what it was. I bought it months ago specifically to take to VCF. I don’t have a PET, but I figured that someone there might be interested in it. I just wanted to make sure it got to someone that knew what it was and had a use for it.

Mission accomplished.