John Conway has died

The British mathematician John Horton Conway (born 26 Dec 1937) has died.
See this Tweet:
On Hacker News:

John Conway is maybe known best for his cellular automaton, “Life”, AKA “Conway’s Game of Life”, devised in 1970:

Here’s an implementation for the Commodore PET, devised on the occasion:


P.S.: I hereby declare 11 April to be LIFE Day.

(Corrected for accurate date, yesterday.)

Here’s a long read about Conway:

In 1993 possibly with a Sun workstation:

And here with a PDP:

From this piece:

Some videos:

And a must-see Life pattern:

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Hackaday has a dedicated page on the occasion of the passing of John Conway,

and a special page listing various Game of Life projects,

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