Interview with the creator of AmigaDOS (video)

A long video interview here, with Dr Tim King (and his wife Jessica) about the before and after of his emergency implementation of AmigaDOS - Amiga’s suppliers being in the process of letting them down:

(AmigaDOS is built on the ideas of Tripos, sits above the Exec kernel, and beside the Intuition GUI layer.)

You might want to navigate using the chapters and the transcript - there are just a very few useful or interesting images in the video, for example putting faces to names. Check out the final Q&A section too.

From the video description:
● Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:40 TRIPOS and the Cambridge University years
13:29 Motorola 68000 and the Bath University years
19:50 Moving to Metacomco
24:32 Amiga needs an operating system
45:10 Amiga launch event
52:10 Perihelion, Transputer and the Helios OS
57:59 UK Online
1:03:03 Consulting on the early Internet
1:05:42 Venture capital technology assurance
1:07:27 Providing rural broadband into retirement
● Amiga related questions from TDO followers
1:08:21 Question from Pixelvixen (Twitter @future_saviors)
1:11:27 Question from Pete (Twitter @RetroBC_Pete)
1:12:53 Question from Tomas Kouba (Twitter @TomasKouba2)
1:15:37 Question from Doug (Twitter @10MARC1)
1:18:26 Question from polyp2000 (Twitter @polyp2000)
1:20:09 Question from South West Amiga Group (Twitter @SouthWestAmiga)
1:21:08 Question from Dale Lawson (Twitter @Hamrdeye)
1:23:02 Question from Hoffman (Twitter @djh0ffman)
1:23:31 Outro


I was going to mention this – actually, I was going to mention the video to Liam Proven given that he wrote about Helios last year.
His description of Tripos sounds intriguing. It would be interesting to play around with Tripos and BCPL.
Maybe one day I’ll get back to my Helios on ARM archaeology.


Worth pointing out @davidb’s related post on the TRIPOS archive:


I keep meaning to catch-up on this stuff - for many many reasons - one because I’ve written my own multi-tasking OS in BCPL and another that Perihelion (I think) had a temporary office in the same place I was working in in Bristol for a while, when working on Transputer systems - I did see some Helios thing working on a small transputer array at one point… but I really wasn’t able to get “close” to them, as it were.

Maybe time to find time to watch the video…