Interest in KIM Uno kits? (MOS KIM-1 / Apple I Emulator)

The KIM Uno is an Arduino-based MOS KIM-1 (and now Apple I) hardware emulation. Full information is available on the project page:

I am just finishing up a test run of ten kits which I’m on track to ship the first week of April. All kits from this batch are sold, but I’m soliciting interest to see if a second, larger batch is worth producing.

These are solder-up component kits that include everything you need to produce a working KIM Uno. The skill level is fairly basic - most difficult work is a single 24-pin DIP.

Kit price will be $20 including shipping to the USA. I WILL NOT SHIP OVERSEAS.

I AM NOT ASKING FOR MONEY AT THIS TIME. My current goal is to build a list of interested parties, with the next run commencing in a month or so.

SO IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BUILDING A KIT please feel free to post your comments below - and more importantly, email me with subject line “KIM UNO KITS”: [email protected]

Thank you!


Welcome @drlegendre! We have people here from all over the world, but I see @oscarv ships from Switzerland and notes that shipping is expensive from there, so it’s handy that you can provide a local supply to those in the US. (And perhaps Canada?)

It’s certainly a very nice project. I rather like the multiple aspects of it - the VTL-02 interpreter is interesting, and to me the programmable calculator function is very interesting.

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Hello Ed,

Thank you! Yes this is my idea, to offer a US-side source for the kits, so the shipping isn’t so prohibitively expensive. I don’t want to step on Oscar’s feet so I refer any overseas interest to his page.

Fwiw, I have communicated with him and he was helpful to me and seems perfectly content with my undertaking. He may not be making any kits right now, so I’d be happy to take any overseas orders if he would like me to.

If I can get 10 commitments, I’ll do a run of 25 pcs this time. But so far, response has been slower than I’d expect for such a neat and inexpensive little item.



It’s worth a try on the 6502 forums, and the VCF forums, I think. Edit: oh, and RetroBrew Computers too.

The first batch of ten went via the VCFED Marketplace forum. FYI - I’m registered there under the username WimWalther.

On your suggestion I regd at Thanks.

The KIM Uno can also emulate a Cosmac Elf.
Still a nice device.

The UNO Emulation also runs on STM Bluepill and ESP32 and the T-watch2020.

Note also that Oscar is working on the ESP65, a much improved KIM-1 etc emulator with a file system and a real OS (DOS/65).
Not finished and not a kit yet.