Installation of an ICT 1905E (Attempting to upscale a video with AI)

Although the video is titled “Attempting to upscale a video with AI” the subject matter is actually the installation of a computer (an ICT 1905E) at Queen Mary College, London.

The original video, linked to in the video description, is probably just as watchable, though beware of the loud beep at the start. :anguished:

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Ah, the new computers have been set the task of dreaming about the old computers!

Thanks for posting this new version - I’ve seen the original before - it’s got a little extra resonance for me because I’ve visited the college a couple of times, and I have a sense of the location.

Edit: in fact, is this the building where they’d planned and prepared a well-soundproofed area, for all the mechanical calculators they’d expected to need, and then technology had overtaken them?

If you look at some of the other videos on that YouTube channel, they do have a dreamlike quality to them.