I'd never seen a purple Cray

At the Finnish Computer Museum, a Cray 1S in a fetching shade of magenta:


Yeah, I sat on that sofa :slight_smile: After they retired it, it continued serving for some years in the lobby of the Finnish supercomputing centre. I was told that you could order a Cray in any upholstery colour you wanted.

(The article in itself is looking for more financial support for the Finnish computer museum. I guess I’ll donate.)


LOL! If I was a salesman for Cray and someone said “I will buy one or your multi-million dollar computers if I can get it in pink with purple polka dots” I would call manufacturing and tell them to make a special pink with purple polka dots machine!
But I’ve always admired the aesthetic design of the machine, even though it had technical reasons (round for shorter connections, cooling and power supplies under the bench.) I got an idea some time back from someone on the classic computers mailing list to build a wooden mock-up to use as “office furniture.” That’s on my (long) list of things to do.