Iconic photographs relating to (retro)computing

This photo strikes me as something special, and I thought perhaps we could have a thread to share photographs which are especially artistic, evocative, atmospheric, or at least instantly recognisable, but relating to retro computing or computer history.

This one, and more, in Portraits Of Digital Canada (24 page pdf)


Hi EdS, Everybody,

I found this picture in retrocomputingforum.com in the reprint of the

Project SPHINX - When the USSR tried to change the computer forever | Inexhibit:

It tells me that some of us will build Utopia and it will be electronic. The picture is political, but then what isn’t these days?

All the best and thank you all for this excellent forum,

bw, bliako


Thanks! That’s a really good one. (I made a couple of edits there.)

I just found this one in a box of magazines — I didn’t know I had it. Certainly an iconic computing marketing mistake!

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