IBM 1401 emulators

As said on my previous post abut lineprinter and ASCII art, I found a book cover with a 1401 panel. Very interesting the instruction length display

There are some good videos on YouTube showing one installment working. There are some emulators. A new one has a photorealistic view of a data center. But I think a nice emulator with GUI is enough or better. And it’s for MAC only. It was mentioned here (meanwhile there are new videos and maybe more functions)
The Unreal® 1401 datacenter simulator

For many years I have the 2002 Windows emulator by Rob Storey. There are some sample scripts, but I mainly used its tool FILEBROW for trying to read different encrypted files with unknown contents (originally for IBM paper tape and card files BIN, BCD, CBN and CDR with many combinations 6/8 bit, 5-code, 9-code, ASCII, EBCDIC, 1:1, 2:1). There is also a 7094 emulator in 2001. Pictured is the 1401.

Not all windows are opened by default, some can be opened by clicking on the button on the green main window. Especially interesting is the trace display on the right showing that texts were loaded from right to left. Also very interesting the core memory window (on left with blue parts).
The window with the tape units is only opened when needed (by the script) or when manually checked.
The card reader contents are also interesting, but had been cleared in this image.
I have to check it again with some other software.