I need help finding drivers for this wifi card

I recently bought a compact flash wifi card and i cant find drivers for it anywhere. trying to use it on a hp jornada 560 and the model of the card is xi-835 by zcom. thank you.

Welcome! I hope you get some help. I’d normally recommend also asking on the VCFed forums and the classiccmp mail lists, as well as any platform-specific forum you might find. But I note that the Journada 560 is from 2001 - their final Pocket PC offering (this one based on StrongARM) - and 2001, although more than 20 years ago, might be a bit recent for a lot of vintage and retro enthusiasts.

A helpful person suggests:

This is about as close as I can get. Instructions in the PDF, page 2. SanDisk windows install program in the zip. Installs to the device using Active Sync.

Zip file from here:

SanDisk SDWCFB-128 Driver Download - windows_ce.zip (359376)

PDF from here:

0835C Installation guide revised (11Mbps Wireless LAN CF Card) by Z Com

Careful what you click on, there’s lots of “bait” download buttons on those sites.

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