Hungarian computers and calculators and unknown computers

I found this online museum with some rare computers, companies EMG, SZKI, Corona, Hiradástechnika Szövetkezet (School computer). And an Aircomp-16 replika. Very interesting was this one, Hunor-131 by EMG ~1966, but it turned out to be a calculator, and the round windows are just nixie tubes. It was the first Hungarian transistorized computer (with Hungarian parts).
Other sites of this one

The first Hungarian transistorized calculator - Inventing Europe

Virtual Museum of Calculators

Another, real computer is an EMG-777

EMG-777 – Wikipédia

Originally I found in a clip (1981 also showing the MIT) these computers or terminals, can anybody identify these?

Last one originating from a magazine cover, I think from Byte. MAI Basic Four looking similar but the keyboard is different.

The Museum is here

Hiradástechnika Szövetkezet

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