Home Computer Museum in Helmond (the Netherlands)

A YouTube tour (by Nostalgia Nerd) to the recently expanded Home Computer Museum in Helmond (the Netherlands), with lots of computers, which also seem to be running in exhibition (where possible). Also, a short guide to domestic home computers of the Netherlands.

The Helmond HomeComputerMuseum also entertains a YouTube channel of it’s own,

and, of course, a website:

The HomeComputerMuseum [is] a 1000+ m² interactive computer museum [t]hat covers the history of the home computer, from the very first home computer to modern variants in the late 90s and beyond.

In our museum you will find various spaces that are decorated in style by era with various accessories from that time. So it’s more than a computer museum, it’s a journey through time through computer history.

There are several generations of game computers and arcade cabinets in our Arcade room.

Brands such as Atari, Commodore, IBM, Olivetti, Philips, Sony, Tulip, Acorn, Sinclair, Tandy and many others are ready to play.

A day of recognition and fun for young & old!

(Apparently, the museum is also entertaining a dedicated repair service and a shop, where you can obtain a real computer.)

For those who are nearby or are planning a trip:
Noord Koninginnewal 28
5701 NK Helmond
The Netherlands
(Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.)