Helsinki Computer Game Museum

Helsinki has a computer game museum, basically some guy had a personal collection and then donations started rolling in… Haven’t actually managed to visit it (I am so ashamed), but there are hundreds of of old home computers, gaming consoles, calculators, PDAs…

The site is in Finnish (, but the lists of hardware are extensive and have short summaries in English behind a click

pictures -
computers -
consoles and handhelds -
PDAs and calculators -

[Added] Sadly the space they found is not great, an electronics retailer lets them use one lobby area, so they cannot display all they have got, not even close.


That’s great, and good to see that although they headline gaming they’ve got plenty of computing going on too. It reminds me a little of the museum in Swindon, which also has quite a restricted space.


I now finally made the decision to visit this place – and it has closed, like two months ago! :sob:
With no known new address! :sob: :sob: :sob:

Good news: the museum collections are still there, they are just not on display. In the local newspaper they had this week a story about the guy behind the (paywall, and in Finnish… :, and everything is fine with the collection: hardware, games, manuals, paraphernalia. It was just that the showroom was closed (it was rather limited in size anyway), and discussions with reopening somewhere else are ongoing. Money, of course is the issue, as always. The showcases, the displays, the guides, staff. Money money money.

Some highlight facts:

  • the collection is currently housed at his home of 200 sqm, every room is full of stuff
  • 8000 different video games
  • over 1000 consoles/game devices/home computers
  • almost 200 Nokia mobile phones
  • still looking for Apple I, Apple II, Apple Lisa
  • day job is CTO of an insurance company

Again, is up-to-date list of the collection, but in Finnish.

Sharing one photo from the article, all copyright of the newspaper, of course:


I wonder if they have a Telmac 1800… If so, I’d definitely hop over the border.

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