Getting and restoring a (1995) Sun Ultra 1 Workstation

Bit of a shipping/packing difficulty here which royally cracked the giant CRT bezel, but otherwise a successful purchase and re-installation:

That’s a one-engineer workstation for $50k in today’s money.

  • 143Mhz Sun SPARC CPU
  • 192 MB of RAM
  • 2.4 GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive

And yes, CDE does look nice and clean.

via LittleAlex


The depreciation on those things was incredible. By about 2000 or so I bought three or four SS5s, an IPX, and two Ultra 1s (the Ultras and at least one of the SS5s were OEM branded, the U1 I still have is branded Tatung as I recall) for about $200. None of them came with disks, and I think only the Ultras had video adapters, but they all ran.


Had to dump my IPC, and a couple of other Sun workstations, all working fine, when we moved office and I didn’t have my private storage space anymore. There’s just not enough room for things, sigh.