German microcontroller series C-Control (1994-2021)

By coincidence, I found this microcontroller series, being sold at Conrad’s from 1994-2021 in many different variants. Originally based on a Motorola 68HC05. I think this was the most famous microcontroller in Germany then. Often mentioned in the show Computer Club, also the variant Lallus.
I considered buying it then, but then there was a new version, I don’t remember the price, probably quite high, and I ended up buying the cheaper ELV 8031 kit
ELV 8031 Microcontroller Kit (1993)

There were different programming languages, mainly BASIC variants, but also Assembler and C.
There are still some fan sites (mainly in German) with software examples and tools (including IDEs with compilers, simulators and also a full simulator for Windows). Best one is probably this

I haven’t tested the simulator, yet, I think it’s in English and from 2007, last updated in 2017, probably WIN95

Another rare thing is a PLC for the Game Boy from Elektor Magazine

I’ve tested the simulator which is even running under Windows 10.

I only found one sample file, controling a robot or similar. I haven’t managed moving the windows.
The second image showing the CCBASIC IDE. There are much more sample files (for 3 C-Control variants). After compilation, it can be simulated including analog and digital ports and a text display.
But it’s mainly useful if someone has the microcontroller as well and uploading the code.