Gepard - a rare 68000 workstation from Germany

The first two in a series of blog posts from Fritz Hohl about a rather special rare machine:

I give you: the mighty Gepard (Cheetah) computer, a mid-1980s, modular, German 68000 computer with a proprietary operating system written with a proprietary Modula-2 compiler developed from nerds for nerds. Only about 300 systems have been built originally, probably only a few of them survived, and even less are in an operational state. The documentation is exclusively German, and the computer pre-dates the Web. Apart from a new mentions in forum posts, it’s the first time that something will be written about it in English. Currently, no Computer Museum has a Gepard (as far as I am aware).

Many resources in the second post (mostly in German)

Some photos and details here about this model:
(via who helped develop the machine)