George Coulouris: Bits of History (em editor, '75)

Hi Eds,

This link works for me for George Coulouris’ history page, the other does not.

In it, the name of Sunil Das is mentioned. He was a lecturer at City University, London, where I studied in 1990 (and spent more time over the Sun-sparcs than in any class). In 1990 computer labs management at city university had just changed the official editor (i.e. student classes in computer labs) from vi to micro-emacs. They changed it again after a couple of years to … pico. (talking about dumping-down :slight_smile: ) I still use micro-emacs. That’s the first thing I compile in a foreign system, even in DOS. One funny thing is that the Makefile in the source (v 4) produces executable named “em”.

p.s. anyone landed in the port of Piraeus would have seen the merchants selling “coulouria” (plural of coulouri) which is a kind of pastry more akin to bread, no sugar, and looks like a donut, with lots of sesame.

all the best, and thanks for posting all these goodies.


Thanks for the link and the story! For a while I used micro-emacs - at Inmos we had a version with folding, and folding was a great tool when you worked at a VT320. And for a little while after that I think I used an alias so ‘ue’ was still my way to start the editor. I still use emacs in a text terminal - no GUI for me! But I no longer fold all my files.

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