Galaksija build-it-yourself computer

A series of posts on Twitter, with photos, by kernel_perspective alerted me to this. According to Wikipedia:

The Galaksija (pronounced Galaxiya Serbo-Croatian: [galǎksija], meaning Galaxy ) was a build-it-yourself computer designed by Voja Antonić. It was featured in the special edition Računari u vašoj kući[1] ( Computers in your home , written by Dejan Ristanović) of a popular eponymous science magazine, published late December 1983 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Kits were available but not required as it could be built entirely out of standard off-the-shelf parts. It was later also available in complete form.


Wow! That’s a great find. Thanks for posting that. I’m going to have to read up more about it. The Wikipedia article got me really interested in it.

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The “WHAT” “HOW” and “SORRY” error messages sound like they were inspired by Li Chen Wang’s Palo Alto Tiny BASIC - which I believe became Level 1 BASIC for the TRS-80.

There are pdf listings available for versions 2.0 and 3.0:

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From the Wikipedia article:
" Galaksija BASIC is a BASIC interpreter originally partly based on code taken from TRS-80 Level 1 BASIC,"

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