From Agon to Zeal - z80 single board computers today

To give it the full name, the Agon Light 2 is the machine I’ve just ordered (available in the UK from Mouser and from PiHut, stocks permitting), so hopefully it will live up to the promise, of a fastest real-Z80 running BBC Basic or CP/M. But I notice there’s another project, the Zeal 8 Bit, also using a real Z80. Interesting times!

The Agon Light 2 is based on the Agon by Bernardo Kastrup

The Zeal project offers an in-browser emulator too: see here.



WSM’s MinZ is / was available with a 36 MHz eZ80, and some were available at 50 MHz. It’s an extremely tiny bare-bones machine, no display capabilities. It’s so small, I fear I’ve lost mine somewhere

Wow, small indeed:

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And it turned up! And it works! And it’s fast! (There are some rough edges, but I need to update the firmware, and see if they are still rough. I hope to play with it at the weekend.)