French virtual museum, IRIS 50 (CII), Bull computers etc

By coincidence another French computer (mainframe) by CII ( Compagnie internationale pour l’informatique), I found this earlier. By coincidence 1971 as well. Also several other computers including of the 80s, mainly Bull computers. English texts on right columns of the pages

Bull and related computers
Bull computer History

Iris 50
Iris 50



The company where I was an apprentice around 1970 also had two electronic computers in addition to plug-in programmed punch card machines: a Bull Gamma 30 (rca 301 , gamma 30, Bull, chr4inf9,) and a Siemens 4004. The Bull calculator was bought, I believe, for political reasons, because the owners were French. The downside for us was that we had to learn two punch card codes: the Bull Code and the Hollerith Code (which I personally found more elegant). Here is a comparative figure from the manual we got at the time.

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Don’t miss the Bull Gamma 3, the machine that challenged IBM punchcard appliences to a degree that they eventually countered by the IBM 1401.

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Oh, mistake. It was the Bull Code which I personally found more elegant.