Forum update (nothing major)

It’s been a few weeks since we discussed the state of the forum. I’ve tweaked the banner image, as you may have noticed, and I’ve also set the default view back to Latest from Categories. One reason is that, in most cases, Latest gives a better sense of the many contributors. (The Categories view would show the most recent poster in each thread, often only two or three distinct people above the fold.)

You might prefer to bookmark a view other than Latest, such as Categories. If you’re new here, you might want to have a look through Top.

We now have 183 users, of which about 60 visit each week, nearly half of that number daily. More importantly, we’re seeing 11 new topics a week, and a healthy number of replies on average. Over a hundred now have the Basic badge, which means they’ve done more than just sign up. The forum sends out 1500 emails a month - plenty of people are getting a weekly digest.

Don’t forget: the content comes from you! Please post about interesting retrocomputing finds or adventures or projects, with photos (or videos) where you have them. There’s a means to share to a link to a topic, so please do share things you find interesting, in the expectation that others will also find it interesting and join us here.


Thanks for your work, Ed.



Nice work, Ed. Thanks!


Am I the only one that liked that roll of last replied to topics on the right side of the screen?

Nope. I liked it too.

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Use the categories view instead of latest, and you’ll get it back.


I feel dumb. Thanks for the heads up.

I’ve been married 26 years. You get used to it :slight_smile:


I must confess the old one looked better.
That said, thanks for all of your work, @EdS! :clap:

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