Flight "computers", "Plotters" other aviation stuff, special calculators and displays

Planes have many interesting parts, not just the cockpit. Also a flight (data) recorder and devices/tool for navigation.
First, I found a “Flight computer”, we also had in my paper computer thread and in the slide ruler thread

Then I found a Flight Navigation Plotter (PN-1), which is “just” a ruler. I wonder about the terms.
Then I found another “Flight computer” avstar, also by Jeppesen (in fact by TI) which is a special calculator. I just knew regular scientific calculators
There are also special financial and other calculators, a good website is this
Are there emulators of special calculators and a flight recorder?

Then I found test devices by Kollsman, large yellow boxes, some have LED displays.
And last, I found a rare, ruggedized monitor by Raytheon (TI) #3246300-HDW (NSN 7025-01-518-7569) which should be a projector for aviation. But I think this a radar display for submarines. Similar like these

The only details, beside parts lists, I found about this monitor are here. Does anybody know better sources?

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There’s also the Commodore N 60… I actually have one of these.

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