Fischertechnik computing kits

I found some fischertechnik broschures and photos before but now found a site with manuals, German/English.
There are old and new kits. Robots, plotters, sorting machines, Towers of Hanoi etc. The Pneumatic system (collaboration with Festo is not computerized).
overview image
traffic lights and other kits manual

My favourite is the traffic light kit (with and without pedestrian button). I wondered how they are programmed. It’s in BASIC.
But main routines are in machine language/assembler SYS/USR and the instructions are in the interface manuals of that home computer.
The main control of the motors (and lights) depending on the kit can be turned on, off, or left, right, like SYS M1, EIN.

This is the design of the old traffic light (other base)

and modern design

Another old kit (1984-1991) is the PLC-style Lucky Logic (later LL), available for DOS and Windows.

There are 2 Electronics and Digital kits under tab Hobby kits.

The modern kits starting at 1989. Many robots. The last is micro:bit (2019).
One interesting kit is the Universal Interface (1991-1996) for PC, Amiga, Atari ST also supporting Lucky Logic. Using a 80C32 CPU.

There are also modern traffic light kits like controlled by Arduino and a crossing with a full set of traffic lights.

Here is a modern software including sources


I do remember the Lift, from some catalogue back in the day. Didn’t have the money!


The Iift model provides ample_opportunity for developing a more sophisticated program based on the starting point provided by the program supplied with the kit

From a simple elevator (Iift) that just goes up and down repeatedly, we can create a system that will remember which floor has requested the elevator and stop there, and go on from there to system that gives priority to calls from a particular floor. The “real world" applications are obvious.


Look like the same lights than on the traffic lights.
There was also a larger lift (but passenger elevator, up to 5 floors). Folder: plan & Simulation. I’m still searching for the vintage price lists. And maybe exports are even more expensive.

and a custom built

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I found some prices.

Just the PC interface 30917 was 429 DM in 1990.
The Computing kit 30490 was 580 DM
Computing Combi 880 DM
Plotter 640 DM
Robot 30572 700 DM
Elevator 110 DM
Lamps 40 DM