European Dial-Up service that supports all of Europe (or only Belgium)

Hello there,

So I’m having a hard time finding an ISP for dial-up, I live in Belgium and don’t know if there’s any ISP still working (in my country atleast). I’m using a Windows 98SE laptop with a built in 56K modem and a connection with a basic phone line connected to my router, I tried to dial and my modem works fine. My only problem is to find an working ISP. I’ve been looking for almost 4 hours now without any results.I would really appreciate it if someone still has/ finds a working one. So if you know and ISP that is actually working in Europe or Belgium let me know please. My laptop’s specs are: A Compaq Presario 1685, Built in modem: Lucent 56K V.90.


Hi Alessandro, and welcome!

I did a little searching, and I too found nothing. Well, I found a couple of UK provider web pages, but I suspect their service is in-country, or no longer available. Wonderfully old school web pages too, some of them. Nippy and Free Dialup and Free ISP UK. Also this 2003 thread in a site:be search has some numbers.

With all the C64 retrocomputists in Germany one might hope for something there, perhaps.

What might help you, is that anyone with a modem and a broadband connection should be able to set themselves up as an ad-hoc ISP. See for example the posts in this tagged search on hackaday:

Hello Ed S, and thank you for your respond!

I tried some of the dial-up numbers from the 2003 thread and there are some that still work. Unfortunanteley when my modem does the handshake it disconnects and says: ''Username or password incorrect.".They all need a username and password.

I’ll try to make my own dial-up ISP in the future. I have another 56K flex modem and Raspberry Pi 3, I’ll try my best to figure it out with the example you’ve linked me. Anyways thank you for your help. This has helped me alot.


This is also the route that I would have suggested to go. Also, SLIP may be a simpler protocol and easier to implement than TCP over PPP. (I think, it was also the original option on Windows 95.)

I made a SLIP router using a ESP8266. You can also use a raspberryPi and make your own PPP facility.