ETAP rare 1960s computer, rare connector, rare electronic parts

After finding nice Siemens Teleperm keyboards on vaxbarn
I also found a rare 60s computer from ETAP. The purpose is unknown, even the location of the company is unknown. The only 2 connectors are 60 pins which art from LM Ericsson.
It was first assumed to be from a Belgium company but he asked them and they say they didn’t make it. I first wasn’t sure, I only found this company making workstations like Wang, Olivetti, CPT and Wordplex. I found a logo of an ETAP monitor by the previous company ETAP Information Technology, but that is different indeed. But it’s a logo from the mid 80s, so still it’s possible.

There are many photos (also inside) and selfmade schematics. Also 2 pages of a catalog from LM Ericsson, but in bad quality. I haven’t found these connectors elsewhere. Also rare electronics Philips/Mullard RA1 combi-element

probably these are NORBITs

Isn’t there a list of computer companies? Or logo database?
I found a site with Swedish magazines (mainly for the connector) but haven’t checked them all, yet

Looks somehow military, and I knew the German ebay seller, where he got it from. And I know that he also offered a ROLM.

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I knew it!
I found this connector in the magazine issue Feb 1970.

Some Swedish text. 3x20 pin. I still don’t know what devices were using it. I haven’t found anything on Google with this Swedish name.
In the same magazine, there’s a device from LM Ericsson, an Event recorder ZTTK 10101 with a photo but only front view.

Maybe a measuring relais-based device. I found a remote blocking device for railways, and a time measuring /pulse recorder for telephones (with similar connectors).

At least I know the the patent is <1970. (I haven’t searched patent databases). And I found several LM Ericsson devices from the late 1950s.

I found a similar connector (same magazine, issue Feb 1968, p.70, and earlier magazines) from ELCO (ELCO-Webster) in the Varicon series (now Kyocera).
Has fewer pins and even pins with different length but (almost) same “X” technology with firm grip.
Shock and vibration resistance. And that is for military.
So when putting all together (seller, material, connector) it’s very likely that the ETAP device is for military use as well.

In issue Feb 1965 I found the name of the original connector: RPV 2051 and RNV 2051 (plug and socket). The 20-pin connector can be combined to 40, 60 and 80-pins.

First I haven’t found anything via Google, but with Ericsson I found this Australian Telecommunication Journal with photos and schematics of a relay cable test device and “program”. Starting at page 59 (in English)

The crossbar connector was introduced in 1962. The connector on the other side is an
LR/BR Plug SB 4500 (H.C. & T.40B). I haven’t found it on Google but there’s a photo in the PDF.
Many abbreviations.
IDF points, MDF
SLB SLA verticals
GVA verticals…

Can someone explain the abbreviations?
Is this just for telephones?

I did some more research on Google, this time with quotation marks Ericsson “RPV 2051”. I now think that the device is either part of a telephone exchange / crossbar switching system or a test device for that.

In the Ericsson Review 1/1967 I found the connector. These jacks and plugs were the most important types (for that purpose).
There are also the abbreviations named. SLA/SLB are switching stages. MDF=Main distribution frame…
There are some photos of telephone switching racks.
Searching for telephone / telex exchange, I found this on Wikipedia, some more photos there.
I haven’t found the exact device and don’t know the brand ETAP. Could also be a military telephone system. Note, that there are only (2) connectors on the front.

A good photo of a control panel of a telex exchange system is on Ericsson Review 2/1967. Maybe this or similar device is embedded there

I paused reading the Swedish magazines, but during more research of the Nixdorf site saintummers, I found that Nixdorf 820 and 880 using these or similar Ericsson plugs. One large plug with 120 contact (each row 5 contacts). 4 devices a 30 contacts can be attached, mainly Siemens plugs. The 1965 German DIN is 41622.
The female socket is “Federleiste”, the male plug is Messerleiste (blade contacts).

Nixdorf Computer Rechner 1502.00 Saintummers Elektronik und Radio Projektseite

Nixdorf 900 used this for keyboard and printer.
820: IBM card punch 029/026, Siemens paper tape reader and spooler 038 + 039 plug U+L, Siemens paper tape punch 080 or 090 plug M/N, and Siemens punch card reader 031 plug B. (Manual 820 MKC part 3).
Detailed pin assignments in manual card punch Lochkartenstanzer 0091
There is also a list of different plugs with
30, 60, 33, 26 and 11 pins.

Nixdorf Service Manuals, Techniker Handbücher

So not just military use. 820 and 840 are used at banks.