EmuTOS 1.0 released - open source TOS-alike

After some 19 years, the re-implementation of something like TOS for various flavours of 68000 machines has just reached version 1.0

TOS being backronymed to Tramiel Operating System, written for the rush-job but very respectable Atari ST. (A kind of revenge machine, Jack T having partially funded but then having failed to acquire Amiga.)



I’ve recently fallen back in love with the Atari ST (having never owned one). Really pleased that EmuTOS exists to give folks like me a taste of what the experience must have been like. Next best thing to being there.

Huge thanks to everyone who made this release possible, and for all of the folks who released their code under the GPL.

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I have designed several homebrews 680x0 computers and have ported CP/M68k to them. Is there a porting guide of EmuTOS for homebrews?

Not sure, but there is work to get GEMDOS working on the Lisa (of which the Lisa served as a sort of development environment for the Atari TOS).

This might have more details: https://m68k.info/

(Sadly no RSS on the site)

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Introduction to TOS/EmuTOS with a bit of history (45 mins)