Electrical matrix pinboard SYSCOM by AMP Incorporated

I’m still checking the Swedish Elektronik magazines and found these boards in June 1970, page 24 (b&w). There called SYSCOM ™ pinboard programming cards. I haven’t found anything on the web with that.
I wondered, especially about the paper cards (these are punched in the magazine). Later I found a PDF on bitsavers. And the patent #3405384. I still haven’t read it all.

AMP (then written as A-MP) founded in 1941 as Aircraft and Marine Products, now TE Connectivity.

These Matrix boards were used for
-Digital memories
Sequencing Devices
Communication systems
Data processing systems
automated process control
Analog function generators
i/o switching
vending machines
test equipment programming


A very similar board is in issue 4/1968 called CONTROLOX, 10x10 pins, 63x63mm, company Oxley.

Maybe the Radio + TV magazines are more of interest as home computers are there. Like IMSAI 8080. But who knows Swedish?

The FACOM 128B relay computer (Japan, 1958) used already programming cards for ROM.

See this video by CuriousMarc (Marc Verdiell) at 7:41: 1958 FACOM 128B Japanese Relay Computer, still working! - YouTube