Early Computer Art in the 50’s & 60’s — Amy Goodchild

Feast your eyes! (It’s a short article really)

via mefi where there’s also a link to the expensive but intriguing catalogue to a certain exhibition


Great compilation! I have a few books about this in my shelf. And an illustration in the book shown can be found on the cover of an IBM brochure.


Wonderful! Now I am staring at the works of Vera Molnar, Frieder Nake and some others.

There was a Computer Art exhibition at the end of 80’s in Prague and the short news report went about it something like “An interesting way of using the computers, but isn’t this a waste of money as they are so expensive and sparse?” Different worlds I woulds say. :slight_smile:

Also the use of an actual computer art on a computer book cover make sense, never though about that before.

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