Dream Retro Setup

I once had my dream setup - an Apple//c+ with 1 meg memory card, an Apple color monitor, mouse, Imagewriter // color printer, a 40 meg hard drive, and GEOS to be installed on the hard drive. I’m not sure if I had a no slot clock, I think maybe I did and couldn’t get it to fit. When I moved out of my mother’s house I stored it at her place. Her health deteriorated, and my brother sold off my “junk” (his word, not mine) and gave the money to my Mom. I cringe at how much he got for the hard drive, most likely nowhere near what it was worth. Anyone else have a similar story to mine?


Ouch! I’ve never had quite such a setback, although the CPU upgrade in my Amiga 1200 has gone missing - the machine was with my Dad for many years, but I can’t imagine he would have fiddled with the trapdoor (which is also missing.)

Over on Stardot it’s a relatively common story that someone sold their own gear, and then later realised how much they’d rather have kept it.

I made a big move some 30 years ago (Scotland to England), and had to leave behind 2 x PDP8’s and a Northstar Horizon, along with a couple of calculators and slide rules and few other bits and pieces. I did keep my BBC Micro (complete with 4Mhz CPU, big case, dual drives, etc. which was stolen in a burglary a few years later )-:

Subsequently “re-stocked” to a degree and emulators are nice, but when I think back and cringe…

Ah well.