Different SC/MP computers, ITT MP-Experimenter

There are different versions, original and remakes. We already had here a $99 SC/MP and also a not related SCAMP CPU
-The $99 SC/MP Kit
-SCAMP - A homebrew 16-bit CPU with a homebrew Unix-like-ish operating system

I mainly knew this design (Christiani) and the Elektor DIY kit

Now I found this interesting design obviously commercial with integrated thermo printer
More infos and photos here, different tabs on the left for the different versions.

There are also several other known and lesser known single-board computers and other topics like different memory techolgies (tab Museum)
I like the educational ITT MP-Experimenter. I previously only knew the blue plastic version. There is also this silver/steel one. Different colored paper sheet overlays were put over it.


Also the Sinclair (Science of Cambridge) MK14:

It is an interesting little CPU - not the fastest for the time, but relatively cheap. (Hence the name, Simple Cost-effective Micro Processor)

But folks did do a lot with it back then.



Steve Leininger was hired to design Radio Shack’s computer because he was the expert on the SC/MP, which they were thinking of using. When the Z80 became available they decided to use that instead.