Designers gone wild: most bizarre functioning computers

Some few interesting computers here. I already knew a computer in a book. But this Seiko computer with watch is weird.


Some real oddities there. There’s the kitchen computer too (which might have been a one-off marketing gimmick rather than a product)

(As mentioned previously, as it turns out:
Before the iPad, There Was the Honeywell Kitchen Computer

Maybe not a bizarre oddity but I always wanted a computer in a folio like case.


Very wild… I can’t make it out from the images on the wikipedia page… but a linked page shows enough configurations for me to get a better idea:

The notebook part of the 5.5 pound TransNote consists of a standard 8-1/2x11 paper notepad sitting on top of an electronic digitizer. A special pen lets you write on it just as if you wrote with a ballpoint pen on a regular notepad, which, in fact, is exactly what you’re doing. But the pen’s electronic signal is also captured by the digitizer and saved in the notepad electronics. The pad side also has its own menu controls that let you do things with the ink. This entire electronic pad part is called the “ThinkScribe.”

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This is one of my ebay tragedies: there was once one listed in great shape, even with the original paper supply. Somehow, I wasn’t available and the auction went by without a bid from my side. There wasn’t much interest and it went for cheap, never saw one listed again. – Would have been fascinating to explore this a bit more thoroughly.