Delaware's educational Project Delta

From this history site:

Project Delta was an incredible learning experience that introduced thousands of Delaware high school students to computing in the 1960’s and 70’s. Delta was founded on the radical idea that computers in education can be run by the students. At Delta, the students ran the computer, installed the terminals at the schools, improved the operating system, and invented early versions of things like e-mail and on-line chat.

Plenty of personal histories and some photos of systems within:

See also Chuck Cranor’s personal site:

By the time I arrived at A.I. (1981) Project Delta was almost dead, however, A.I. still had the PDP-11/34 that it purchased with Dr. Hauger’s grant money and access to the Delta programs. I first used a computer in the fall of 1982 when I was a sophomore. The PDP-11 was running RSTS/E V7.0-07 at the time. I remember that my first account was number “156,20” (we didn’t have account names back then). After a year of computer classes I was hooked! I eventually became the student system manager of the PDP-11 (earning the privileged account “1,11”).

via Tom Lake on the PiDP-11 mail list.

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