Deathmaze 5000 - Fair Play edition

Announcing the Fair Play edition of Deathmaze 5000. This is a fan revision of an escape room type game from 1980. Puzzle designs are improved to eliminate unfair elements such as pointless objects, moon logic, opaque causation, and inconsistent behaviors. I hope the beauty of the original can now shine in a more satisfying way.

Play now at GitHub - sean-gugler/DeathmazeFairPlay: Deathmaze 5000 Fair Play Edition


Welcome! A bit more background, from your README:

Deathmaze 5000 was released in 1980 by Med Systems Software for the TRS-80 and Apple II platforms. We would describe it today as an “escape room” experience; players are tasked with navigating a maze, manipulating objects, and solving puzzles with the purpose of escape. This was a novel mash-up of play elements at the time. Maze games and text adventures already existed but I am not aware of any earlier example than Deathmaze 5000 that combined the two formats.

The writing was quite clever, but suffered from moon logic, items with no purpose, unfinished puzzles, and some inconsistent behaviors. When I finally solved it after 40 YEARS of trying, I was both satisfied and disappointed. I decided I could make it better. Armed with my recent technical experience disassembling Ultima IV, I wove the loose ends together and improved the structure of the weaker puzzles while retaining as much of Deathmaze’s original material as I could. I also patched up a small handful of bugs discovered along the way.

The “Fair Play” edition reflects my sensibilities on what consitutes fair puzzle design. My alterations attempt to be consistent with the original writing tone and style. To the degree I’ve failed, I ask your humble forgiveness.


What is moon logic? Puzzles solvled only under a blue moon. :slight_smile:

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Phrased more directly, a “moon logic” puzzle (for anyone confused by the term) is one “in which, even after you know how to solve it, it still doesn’t make sense.”

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HINTS are now available in a gentle, self-guided format.

New version 2023.03 has a minor update to improve one of the in-game hints as well.