CP/M-86 and CP/M-80 running on the V20-MBC

Some week ago I made a page on Hackaday.io about the V20-MBC, a new retro easy to build SBC using a V80HL or 80C88 CPU.

Now both CP/M-86 and CP/M 2.2 (8080 mode) are supported!


I like it! It looks like there were (perhaps) versions of Turbo Pascal for both 8080 and 8086 - do you have both and can you compare the performance?

(If not, any interesting findings about Turbo Pascal on your machine?)

I wonder how much the TP -86 version is simply a direct “reassembly” of the Z80 version, since while the x86 is not binary compatible with the 8080, it’s can practically be source level compatible. Thus making it easier to port the legacy system without a complete rewrite.

I haven’t found a version of Turbo Pascal for an 8080 CPU (only for Z80).
Anyway, under CP/M-86, it is interesting see the report after a compilation on a 1024KB RAM board:

It show a real use of all the RAM: one 64KB segment for the code, one 64KB segment for data and about 770KB available for Stack/Heap.

So it seems more capable than it could be on a 640KB DOS machine…

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