Computers in the Casino

Starting with Claude Shannon and friend in the early 60s, and running into the late 70s and beyond with a 6502-based wearable computer, one can make money at roulette by close observation of the ball and carefully crafted bets on the most likely octant…
Computer im Casino | HNF Blog (in German)

In the late 1970s, Doyne Farmer wrote a roulette program for the MOS Technology microprocessor 6502 . It worked on the same principle as the computer used by Claude Shannon and Edward Thorp: it determined the probable end position from the starting point of the ball in the track and its speed. In 1978 the Eudaemons tried it in Las Vegas; They hid the chip, the battery and a transmitter in their armpit. In 1981, Farmer put the system in two shoes.