Computers and automation magazine 50s, 60s

Some very good 50s photos in this one. I thought early printers had at least 80 columns. And notice the bar chair.

In 60s issues there is also a census, so the amounts of installations and monthly price. Here also some output, including a chess software


Excellent finds - as a kid in the 70s a few of this kind of thing found their way to me, and I read everything that I could.

Hmm, selling reliability as “60 million transistor hours of reliable operation” - that’s new to me!

I wonder what the lady is doing and what writing. The output is very fast. So the only job would be waiting and removing or refilling the paper. Obviously she’s just posing for the photo.
There are also many other issues of this magazine.

I wouldn’t be surprised if copied those magazine scans from .