Computer Museum Halle, Germany. Rechenwerk

During research I found this museum. It also has early computers, typewriters, calculators, etc. Many East German computers like Robotron and homebrew computers.
Some interesting photos

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Nice find! For orientation, this seems to be located near Leipzig which is two or three hours’ drive south west of Berlin. Open Friday evenings or by arrangement.

(Berlin is on my short list of relatively likely trip destinations, so maybe this is close enough to make a side-trip.)

The SMEP PP 01 looks interesting!
It’s an 8080 64K RAM 16K ROM computer with 8 colors (256 x 256) made in Slovakia.

Here’s a page with a couple of videos (switch closed captions to auto-translate in your preferred language):

It even had graphics commands, something poor Westeners on Commodore machines lacked! :wink:

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